Studioart launches ‘Pezzara’ rug collection

Posted in Products on 14 November, 2018

Studioart is pleased to announce the launch of its rug collection ‘Pezzara’. The concept of the Pezzara rugs is inspired by Southern Italy’s craft tradition where Calabrian, Apulian and sicilian women produced artisan rugs and blankegts using leftover fabric waste and cotton threads in looms. The new leather rug collection celebrates this important part of Italian artisanal history by combining it with contemporary design and cutting-edge techniques. Rugs within the Pezzara collection introduce a wide range of of original colour combinations, inventive edging and graphic pattern, whilst remaining eco-friendly by recycling fabrics and leather pieces that would otherwise be wasted.

Pezzara signifies the rediscovery of a craft tradition which flourished within the agro-pastoral communities in Southern Italy where women piled up waste fibres from various fabrics, shorn wool, macerated linen or broom fibres to make heavy bunches of threads.

Studioart brings this tradition back to life, reinventing the art of ‘rag – rug making’ using an original material – leather. The end result is a contemporary collection of meticulously made rugs that preserve the appeal of an age-old Italian craft.


Each weft thread is made up of leather laces and woven into the cotton warp threads using a precise technique. The weaving process is carried out by hand on special wooden looms to guarantee a hardwearing, long-lasting product.

The Pezzara collection is available in three different patterns as well as in a standard monochrome version in which there are 18 different shades, using neutral-colour leather, cut and woven on looms, then aniline-dyed in drums. There are two different options of edging, either embroidered or a 5cm leather edge which comes in a wide selection of Studioart leather colours.

The special feature of this process is that the cotton threads turn a similar colour to the leather. Due to a preference for eco-compatible manufacturing processes, the same shade of colour may show slight variations between one sample and another meaning each piece is slightly individual. The pieces have an embroidered edging. The Pezzara collection then evolves into a rich collection of rugs.

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