Stylish bathroom design from Unidrain

Posted in Products on 2 June, 2020

Danish designer Flemming Lindholdt outlines the importance of functionality, design, safety and a 100% waterproof finish when planning the design for a hotel or residential bathroom.

Flemming Lindholdt is a leading project and interior designer as well as being a great advocate of Unidrain. He has been designing bathroom solutions for many years and during that time he has used Unidrain on over 100 projects of various sizes and styles.

The ease of use, exceptional quality and the numerous design options make Unidrain his go-to brand. In terms of design, a drain is never simple, its shape, style and even the position of a well-designed drain can completely change the overall appearance of a bathroom.

When planning the style and appearance of bathroom large tiles are still very popular; as they help to create the impression of a single and constant space. Design-wise the use of larger tiles helps to provide a more unified expression, making the area look consistent as if it hasn’t been fragmented into several parts.

“By using the Unidrain designer line drain it is possible to turn a drain into a feature; a specific part of the overall design. By further complementing the drain with colour coordinated brassware and accessories, such as those from the Unidrain Reframe Collection; a shower wiper, soap shelves and hooks, the finished shower area becomes more exclusive and personal,” says Flemming Lindholdt, who has worked with Unidrain solutions for over 17 years.

Another advantage of using Unidrain designer drains is the ability to customize certain details; such as integrating a tile on top of the drain instead of using a grating or steel panel. This way the drain becomes a cohesive part of the design without compromising the functionality, the drain becomes barely visible and the water discreetly disappears into a narrow slit in the floor.

“Because it is a linear drain there is only a one-sided slope, so the fitter needs to make fewer cuts to the tiles than with a traditional square drain. The build of the slope is simpler, and it is much easier to lay the tiles.” Says Flemming Lindholdt.

Lindholdt points out the efficiency of using Unidrain, especially when designing bathrooms for a hotel. “You are able to use the same framework for the drain, even if you are planning 12 different bathroom-designs. Unidrain’s two configurators, make it easy to obtain all the parts, as there is one configuration for all the standard sizes and one for bespoke drains.”

“It gives you a sense of safety; Unidrain is easy to work with and adds exceptionally high value design-wise. I have followed Unidrain since they started and the solutions are getting cooler and more exclusive with each new launch, which is why I keep choosing their solutions.”

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