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Posted in Products on 17 September, 2015

Infinity Canopy is a modular slide on wire canopy composed of individual 5’ wide x 2’ long shade panels that connect together to create a canopy that can be as long and wide as needed to fit any space. Multiple sections of 5’ wide canopy are placed side by side to cover the width of the space and each section can be as long as needed to cover the length of the space. The panels and profiles can also be cut to fit smaller than 5’ wide spaces.

Each module is composed of a shade panel, aluminum frame, and stainless steel clips that attach the canopy to a pair of parallel cables installed between two opposing structures. The stainless steel aircraft cable providing support for the canopy is drawn in a rectangle loop connecting on both ends to a swageless tensioner providing a clean and modern finish. The Canopy’s hardware is made of marine grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel providing an elegant and long lasting frame that can withstand the harshest conditions.

The shade panels are made of the highest quality outdoor fabrics including Phifertex and Sunbrella that are resistant to water, fire, mold, fading and can last 5-10 years. They are available in mesh and solid canvas in a variety of colors. They can be ordered in one or multiple colors and placed in different configurations to create unique designs not possible by any other shade system to meet any taste, style and need. The modularity of Infinity Canopy allows for many other features such as,

  • Control the flatness or bellowing of each panel.
  • Lock individual panels in place or remove panels for open space.
  • Add vertical panels to either or both ends for additional shade and privacy.
  • Open and close the canopy from either direction manually, by a pulley system or motorization.
  • Install indoors to cover unfinished ceilings, rafters, and air ducts.

Ordinary canopies are made of one piece of sewn fabric and can’t be modified after installation. In contrast the modular design of Infinity Canopy allows it to be modified even after it is assembled and installed making it possible to:

  • Add or remove sections and panels to increase or decrease the width and length of the canopy.
  • Change the canopy’s color and design within minutes.
  • Quickly replace damaged sections with replacement parts and panels.
  • Remove the entire canopy or the panels for cleaning and winterization in minutes.

The most compelling aesthetic feature of Infinity Canopy is its ability to create a single or multiple color canopy and with two or more colors create patterns and new designs. By interchanging the panels the color of the canopy can be changed quickly to match new furniture or create themes for sporting events and organizations, or decorate for holidays and special events like red white and blue for the 4th of July and red and green for Christmas. With multiple colors the panels can also be organized in different patterns to create unique designs such as striped and checkered.

The modular design of Infinity Canopy utilizes prefabricated parts and shade panels reducing order preparation time, simplify installation and provide a highly adaptable and versatile product at a fraction of custom canopy’s cost. The canopy’s hardware is comprised of 4 parts with each part providing multiple functions to reduce waste and simplify the manufacturing and assembly of the canopy. The profile has multiple channels to hold the shade panels and the cable attachment clips as well as room for future accessories such as LED lights, solar chargers, small fans, and decorations.

Repairs if needed can be done quickly and easily using replacement parts and panels, eliminating the need to ship the canopy for service and expensive repairs. Unlike ordinary shade products that have a limited life span and must be replaced completely at some point, Infinity canopy can be repaired and updated as needed providing a sustainable product that can last for decades with minimal cost and effort.

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