SUNPARADISE: A sliding wall with versatility, style and performance

Posted in Products on 25 March, 2021

The stylish Sunparadise Monoslide 80 sliding wall is the perfect solution for dividing living space.  Its highly insulated profiles and unique functionality allow the system to be used in both private and commercial applications.

Depending on the location Monoslide 80 can offer the right solution for every kind of aperture.  Its unique functionality allows it to negotiate not only straight runs, but corner and pocket scenarios too.   In addition, it is the ideal system to use in conjunction with the Sunparadise Hawaii 80 conservatory roof, making it perfect for both domestic and commercial usage.  Imagine a space in hotels and restaurants where a summer air paradise can be created at certain times of the year, but also having the flexibility to provide a cosy environment and protection from the elements in the colder seasons.   In shopping malls, Monoslide 80 has the capability of creating a great indoor and outdoor space divider.

The flush fitting elegant base profile facilitates a threshold free transition.  The single track provides a smooth connection to the finished floor, providing greater accessibility whether it is located indoors, outdoors or as a pathway from one to the other.

Each panel can be individually moved to any position.  This enables you to achieve ideal ventilation levels and a specific area can be protected from drafts if required.  Multiple panels can be moved to fully open up two rooms into one, or to bring the outdoors in.

There are multiple parking options to store panels when the wall is open.  The panels can be parked internally or externally.  As an example, for restaurants and hotels we can design a track which allows the parking area to be moved to any position in the room by utilising our bespoke rail extension, all flush fitting and discreet at floor level.  The parking area can be moved practically anywhere, even around corners.

A Sunparadise Monoslide 80 sliding wall can be planned for any angle you desire, including varying facets within the same system.   Our specialist design team are happy to work with you to enable a customised corner solution to meet your specification.

For further information about Monoslide 80 or any of our other Sunparadise products please contact us on 0870 067 8810, email or visit

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