Tableware trends by William Edwards

Posted in News, Products on 11 December, 2018

William Edwards shares the secret to what makes great tablewear design…

Do you find different hotels and restaurants vary vastly in their requirements for specific tableware designs, or is there a particular design trend that’s popular across the board?
In the past couple of years, there has been a trend for coloured glazes and a ‘craft’ appeal. Our customers are now asking for smart geometrics, but with relatively neutral colour usage, which complements food but does not distract from it. They want a fresh approach, still combining colour, but in a far more sophisticated application.

Why is tableware design such an important factor for hotels and restaurants?
When a guest sits down at the table, the tableware is the first thing they see that really introduces them to the restaurant. It is without a doubt, the finishing touch, after investing significant capital expenditure in interior design and fittings.

How do you think tableware design has changed in the last five years?
Tableware has become increasingly influenced by executive chefs who have demanding specifications for what they want to see in their restaurants. Tastes have also become more sophisticated,with the desire for eclectic mixes, neutral coloured glazes and stylish shapes.
There is also an aspiration for quality bespoke and unique tableware designed for the individual client, as this enables the interpretation of their brand and sets them apart from the rest.

What’s the most important part of tableware design to get right?
Quite simply, harmonising and coordinating both shape and colour together.

What new trends are emerging in tableware?
There is a return to classicism, but with a sophisticated injection of colour and pattern. New materials and colour combinations are now available, which has enabled ground-breaking innovation indesign, while enhancing the best of tradition.

What influences tableware trends?
It is threefold really:

  1. Executive chefs have exacting tableware requirements to showcase their food.
  2. The explosion of interest in food from all over the world has, in turn, led to new pattern and shape design to enhance food presentation and display it to perfection.
  3. Interior design has a major influence and quality bespoke tableware is   ultimately desirable for top establishments,ensuring that their furnishings and tableware complement each other.

Do tableware trends differ much from country to country? If so, can you give examples?
The differences are mainly in shape design. In the Far East, for example, the tableware tends to be smaller and specific to local cuisine.

Do you have a favourite tableware look or design? If so, what makes it stand out to you?
Snipe, the range designed and created by William Edwards in conjunction with Brett Graham, two-Michelin starred chef atThe Ledbury, is a collection we are very proud of.
For me, it is the ultimate tableware. It has clean lines, an exquisite rimless shape, meaning there is no visual distraction from the finest cuisine, while a frosted edge prevents any unwanted finger marking as the plate is set down on the table. The centre of each plate incorporates extra weight so that the retention of heat or cold is optimised.This is truly an exceptional product.

What tableware trends can we expect to see over the Christmas period?
Green and gold and a subtle use of colour. Christmas is a time when the table top is centre stage and the tableware should enhance the Christmas fayre and not distract from it. In effect, it provides a canvas for the chef on which to build their creations.

What sets William Edwards apart from the competition?
The ability to provide high-quality bespoke fine bone china tableware for each client at an unrivalled pace, right here in the UK. Coupled with a dynamic design team who have a young and fresh approach and provide a totally personalised service.

What trends are you setting in tableware design?
We have developed a unique raised white enamel printing process which appeals to the executive chef community. These finishes harmonise with their exquisite cuisine and, together with unique subtle details such as the rimless shape design of the Snipe range, have enabled the creation of new modern classics in tableware.

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