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Making art more accessible to a broader audience, that’s Gardeco’s main objective. By introducing the larger audience to art with Gardeco’s signature twist, they wish to let people take part in their art.

Gardeco represents craftsmanship and a number of talented artists. Fresh, creative ideas meet high-end decoration. Every piece is made from fine materials such as ceramics, bronze and glass. Traditional methods exclusively are being used in the manufacturing process of the art pieces Gardeco offers. They reflect core values such as respect and durability. The pieces of art evoke profound emotions and they carry meaningful stories. Every piece is unique, handmade and one of a kind.

Gardeco selects their range of art works ever so carefully. Their audience is spread all over the world and ranges from art galleries to concept stores and architects. Meanwhile, they have acquired a unique place in the international market as well as in the decoration world. As a pioneering company, they are constantly on the hunt for new perspectives. Almost twenty years of experience, drive and perseverance, have resulted in Gardeco establishing an extensive portfolio consisting of different artists as well as a wide variety of styles. Everyone is guaranteed to find something to their liking.

The holy trinity – three high-quality materials at Gardeco’s foundation:


Gardeco imports their ceramics from Cores Da Terra, Selma Calheira’s studio in Brazil. She strongly engages in social commitment and offers the local population a chance to follow training with her and become a ceramist. This social project enables inhabitants to stay in their familiar surroundings. They don’t have to emigrate to larger cities because Cores Da Terra offers them a chance to a better future. That is how the studio contributes to a better society in a socially responsible way. Gardeco couldn’t agree more with this vision and takes pride in their long-term relationship with Cores Da Terra.

This atelier uses clay and natural pigments to create art objects that have the ability to sparks one’s imagination. Apart from Selma Calheira’s work, this studio also makes reproductions of other artists’ works. The Visitor by Guido Deleu is a perfect example of this. His original bronze sculpture is now being offered in a variety of sizes and colours.


Moreover, Gardeco offers an extensive collection of bronze sculptures and statues. Whoever takes a liking to one of these works, is guaranteed there’s only a certain number of these works in the entire world as these bronze sculptures are all limited edition. They’re all individually numbered and signed. These elegant works express individuality and authenticity.

Ann Vrielinck, a Belgian artist, is always looking for the perfect balance between the materials she uses and its surroundings. The statues are fit for both outdoor and indoor settings, which makes them ideal eye-catchers in any interior. Ann’s work is defined by fine lines representing dynamic silhouettes.



Regina Medeiros is a marvellous example of the stunning glass works Gardeco has selected. She creates designer pieces that are meticulously finished with mica minerals and other precious materials such as platinum and gold. She also plays with oxides in order to achieve different textures and effects. After decades of experience, Regina Medeiros truly has mastered all the tricks of the trade, which shows in her sublime works of art.

Furthermore, Gardeco also sells Cá d’Oro’s work. The most innovative pieces are being made in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The techniques they use are based on those originating from the well-known island of Murano. Mario Seguso emigrated to Brazil in 1954 and founded his studio Cá d’Oro. Many years later, he passed the torch to his son, Adriano Seguso, and his grandsons in order to preserve these ancient methods and art forms and keep them alive. Their ever-growing audience highly appreciates this know-how.

“Global glamour. Inspiration from around the world.”

This year, Gardeco are celebrating their twentieth anniversary. This Flemish family business was founded back in 1999 by Sonja Crevits and Jan Simaey. Their main objective was, and remains to this day, making art more accessible to a broader audience. They introduce people to local and international high-quality art pieces. Not only do they vouch for artistic creativity, but also durability and the well-being of people by supporting social projects.

Gardeco collaborates with international artists, but their customer base is also spread all around the globe. They aim for the luxury segment in the international market. Every year, they take part in a number of professional fairs in major cities such as Paris, London, Milan and New York in order to expand and strengthen their intercultural relations. Their phenomenal selection of art is being sold on every continent.

Gardeco stands for art with personality. Every single piece they offer has something unique about it that brings even more character into every interior.


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