The importance of state-of-the-art showers in hotel design

Posted in Products on 19 June, 2024

The hospitality and travel industry should be optimistic about the year ahead, with consumer demand in both the corporate and leisure sectors set to stabilise over the next year or so. For hoteliers and designers, there’s an opportunity to capitalise on this return to normality by improving guest experiences and reducing running costs.

It’s not a signal for hotels to completely overhaul their existing offers or identities, especially at a time when budgets remain tight for many in the industry. Instead, it’s an opportunity to make smaller changes to elevate the everyday while building a more sustainable future. In this effort, the bathroom is often the perfect place to start, with advancements in technology making it more viable than ever for hotels to invest in spa-quality bathrooms and striking washrooms while reducing operating costs.

State-of-the-art showers

Whether it’s for a two-week holiday or a two-day business trip, all guests will be showering during their stay, and particularly following long, uncomfortable journeys we all know how disappointing low water pressure, or an old system can really put a dampener on things. However, “state-of-the-art” doesn’t solely apply to design aesthetics, it’s about manufacturing processes and sustainability too.

For hoteliers and specifiers designing for the future, flow limiters and recyclable materials should be front and centre for those looking to create a greener sector. Created from high quality recyclable aluminium that is made up by 84% recycled content, the Alu+ collection from Ideal Standard meets and surpasses this brief in sustainable manufacturing. With flow limiters restricting consumption to just 8 l/min for the hand spray and 12 l/min for the rain shower without impacting performance, the shower can also help keep water bills down for hoteliers.

Sustainability isn’t a trade-off for functionality and luxury however, with a variety of spray modes an expectation for high-end hotels giving guests a spa-like experience and moment of respite after a busy day. Again Alu+ delivers, with a hand spray option, and the extra-large rain shower head featuring a normal Rain spray and the luxurious SilkRain mode, which sees the shower system dispense ultra-fine water droplets for a premium, spa-like experience.

Bringing colour into the bathroom is another trend that hoteliers are embracing to make their spaces stand out, including showers in more adventurous finishes. Here, choice can be key to maintaining a hotels’ identity, while adding an extra layer of refinement to the space. Alu+’s Silk Black, Rosé and Silver low-sheen finishes offer hoteliers and specifiers a different colour palette to play with that complement its rectangular lines and circular mixer, showerhead, and hand spray.

Building for the future

Of course, updating the bathrooms in hundreds of hotel rooms is easier said than done, but these changes can improve guest’s stays with a relaxing bathroom environment while creating long-term savings as each individual change adds up. It’s therefore all the more important that hoteliers and specifiers consider both the visual and environmental impact of their products.

‘Slow, steady growth’ is the verdict for future in the hotel industry, and for hoteliers looking to stand the test of the time, that growth needs to be both sustainable and beautiful. And with the continued evolution of products, from the manufacturing processes to new technology, the bathroom is the perfect place to start.

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