Posted in Products on 6 May, 2020

A range of hand-formed porcelain leaves which can be configured to create unique sculptural installations, Leaf commissions range from small contained artworks to large scale art installations inhabiting entire rooms in private and commercial interiors. Each new ceramic Leaf composition is conceived in collaboration with the clients’ design team. Our in-house designers aim to create narrative driven installations with intrinsic links to their physical and emotional environments. As part of the Leaf design process, down lighting is specified to activate a complex artistic lighting effect through reflections and shadows.

Each leaf is cast in fine porcelain which was chosen for its purity and high strength, allowing for a unique delicacy and lightness in form. The leaves are individually hung or wall mounted using specially designed gold or nickel plated brass fixings.

The pure white glazed porcelain has a subtle translucency which creates a warm glow when back-lit. Gold and platinum lustres can be applied to add richness and accentuate the leaf forms. Each leaf is cast using traditional hand formed masters and then decorated in Stoke-on-Trent; the home of British ceramics since the early 17th Century.

Case Study: Airflow Fall

The client briefed us to create a ceiling sculpture to celebrate the excitement and anticipation of departure within the new first class lounge. We explored the graceful patterns of airflow created upon take off, and used these to inspire the trails of leaves that weave in and out across the installation.

Case Study: Kuroshio Eddy

The client briefed us to create a wall sculpture to emphasise the eco credentials of the build whilst maintaining the clean minimal aesthetic of the space. The concept was to take the naturalistic leaf shapes and contain them within a structured, energetic composition therefore emphasizing the synergy between the natural and the man-made on the project.

Case Study: Haida Eddy

We collaborated with interior designers Studio Clark & Co to create an exterior leaf sculpture for the Morgan Stanley Garden for the NSPCC, designed by Chris Beardshaw; winner of the coveted ‘Best of Show’ Garden at the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The client provided the composition which was designed to provide a graceful, flowing form across the exterior verdigris back wall in a garden room designed to be a safe sanctuary; a quiet, private spot for contemplating the great British summer.

Case Study: Inoca Fall

Our client briefed us to create a canopy flowing through the atrium space of the Conrad Hotel in Chicago, with a compositional narrative derived from its location. We created a spiralling flurry of 1300 suspended leaves inspired by the unique winds that blow through Chicago and which the indigenous American Indians refer to as ‘Inoca’.

Case Study: Partitus Eddy

Leaf was used by our client to provide a visual break in a challenging space between a staircase and a reception lobby; by mounting leaves on tensioned wires we were able to create a stunning design flow that used up a minimum of depth whilst providing maximum impact, to be enjoyed from in front or from behind when ascending the stairs.

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