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Posted in Products on 28 January, 2019

About the collection

Famous for their outstanding diversity of pattern, Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties have refreshed it’s ready-made stocked collection that’s ideal for quick turnaround projects where time is critical. The collection plays with the notion of pattern in the interior space so that it becomes a dramatic feature in its own right. It goes against almost every conventional carpet rule with many of the designs being large in scale; very directional yet beautifully drawn and exquisitely coloured to make a unique but easily usable collection of designs befitting any interior; classical or modern.

Design inspiration

Moire – The undulating waves of this carpet have been inspired by a moiré fabric; a silk fabric which has been heated and applied with pressure to give it a rippled appearance. Much like the fabric, these all-over tonal patterns create carpets that look almost ribbed in texture and evoke the waves of water. Choose from Dune or Silt colourways to add a contemporary feel to any room.

Damask – The Damask designs were created under the influence of traditional damask fabrics. The aim of these is to create a feeling of grandure and decadence, the essence of which is portrayed perfectly through the large scale design and dramatic tones in the new Jet Damask.

Ruskin/Effie – Statement carpets have become the key feature for floors, challenging traditional conventions through the use of heavily illustrative insects, plants, butterflies and leaves. “Using large scale and the avoidance of symmetry, the gentle meandering sprawl of designs like the Ruskin Butterfly or Golden Effie, favour balance through composition and create a completely individual interior. The décor can simply pick out a few key highlights so as not to detract from the stunning floor.” – Jane Bradley-Bain – Senior Creative Designer for Brintons.

Effie; the partner to Ruskin, reinvents the iconic pattern taking its cue from delicate embroidery. Effie’s growing florals sit on a plain ground; choose from bold gold or modern grey.

Atholl Gardens – Atholl Gardens is a fusion of nature and the artificial environment. Birds perching on a garden gate, blends nature with ornate man-made items to create a more interesting silhouette. A contemporary Pewter and beautiful Midnight blue have been added to this series.

Grain du Bois – Designed to bring familiarity and warmth to the interior, the Grain du Bois creates a free flowing weighted pattern. Grain du Bois takes inspiration from the alignment, texture and appearance of wood fibres, where the colours can blend or contrast with each other depending on where your view point is in the room. A new shade ‘Seal Grain du Bois’ has been added for 2019.

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