Trevira CS at MoOD Brussels 2016

Posted in Products on 13 September, 2016

The fibre manufacturer Trevira is making an appearance at the new fair location in Brussels, based on its tried and tested concept and working together with a total of eleven partners. As in recent years, Trevira CS yarn partners Vlnap from the Czech Republic and Lei Tsu (Italy) are presenting their latest products at MoOD Yarns, while Trevira itself will be on show on the Trevira CS Contract Square, along with nine fabric manufacturers.

Trevira has further extended its range of spun-dyed yarns with new developments, including melange hybrid yarns for stiffened textiles. In the collections a noticeable trend is evident towards more colour and this is reflected in the supply of new fibre and filament yarns. Trevira and its yarn partners are also offering an extensive selection of melange yarns, reflecting the natural shades, which continue to be topical.

At the end of the first half of 2016 the fibre manufacturer on balance expresses its satisfaction with business. With their strong Trevira CS customer base in Western Europe, home textiles are doing well, and there is increasing activity in Asia, which also has the support of the network of Indorama Ventures, the majority owner of Trevira. Increasing numbers of enquiries are coming from India, Pakistan and China. These orders, however, are subject to the special brand policy for Asia, whereby the fabrics produced there are destined for the regional market.

Besides the continuing good business in hybrid yarns, filaments show a rise in standard polyester activity in the home textiles sector – there has been an increase in volume, mainly in filament yarns for velvets.

Flame retardant Trevira fibres and fibre yarns are gaining more and more ground in technical applications, accompanied by a steadily rising demand for spun-dyed qualities – which is translating into positive results in sales figures. Here the base lies in customized development projects aimed at joint exploitation of market potential in Europe, North America and Asia.

Trevira CS Contract Square 2016 – the new fabric highlights

At MoOD Trevira’s fabric partners are once again offering trade visitors a whole series of innovative fabric constructions, interesting looks and colours.

Baumann Dekor (Austria) celebrates its centenary this year and is bringing gloss and glamour to the world of textiles with its new collection. Using a great variety of fancy yarns, different weaving techniques and fresh colour ranges, it has created collections like Luxury, Rough, Opulence and Precious: the very names underline the new concept. All the textiles on display, from heavy furniture fabrics to light decorative materials, are made in Austria. They are manufactured exclusively from Trevira CS – and are therefore suitable for the contract market.

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