TUUCI: A Dream Scenario at the Côte d’Azur

Posted in Products on 7 April, 2020

Directly overlooking the bay and providing a stunning panorama of the French Riviera, the large sun terrace of the five-star Lily of the Valley Hotel presents a picture inspired by nature: Vineyard Authentic Hardwood parasols by TUUCI keep guests cool and comfortable in the terrace and pool area – offering spectacular views both during the bright midday sun and at dusk. Located in a breathtaking natural landscape under the French sun, star architect Philippe Starck has created a very special hotel oasis that is simple yet luxurious. From the very beginning, the hotel has been a part of the Leading Hotels of the World association and a partner of Traveller Made Hotel. The internationally renowned Lily of the Valley is located close to St. Tropez on the French Mediterranean coast, inviting its residents to wind down and relax in its award-winning and stylish ambiance. Blending the rustic charm of a bygone era with a modern vision, Starck has designed 44 rooms and suites that combine comfort with luxury.

The Vineyard Authentic Hardwood parasols by TUUCI not only add a magical touch to the hotel’s outdoor area, they also provide functional protection: developed by TUUCI, the stainless steel non-expansion sleeves prevent the centre poles, made from long-grain wood, from swelling. Thanks to this unique quality, the break-proof ribs are flexible, even in gusty conditions, thus guaranteeing durability. Even when there are strong winds, this function allows the wood to ‘breathe’ instead of break, making these parasols ideal for high-end resorts the world over. Another significant reason for selecting the Vineyard Authentic Hardwood parasols for the Lily of the Valley is the premium wood-look finish with its warm look and feel – an authentic design feature that was decisive for this project. The light-shaded Sunbrella canopy with its classic design and profile exudes a subtle elegance and blends naturally into the luxurious environment of the Lily of the Valley surrounded by water and nature: a perfect match of architecture and shade system.


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