Ultratech from Ultrafabrics unites artisanship and technology to create a beautiful sensory experience

Posted in Products on 8 July, 2016

Ultrafabrics specialises in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality polyurethane fabrics on the market. Merging six decades of passion and experience with unique technology and an artisan process from Japan, Ultrafabrics creates the most enhanced fabrics on the market.

New collections include the Ultratech range; a ground breaking fabric that combines state of the art performance with a sensory experience unmatched by any material before it, within the range is Cove, Dwell, Eco Tech and Helix. Ultratech Cove brings to life a beautifully micro beaded texture whilst Ultratech Dwell’s debossed geometric pattern is available in a fresh balanced palette. Ultratech Eco Tech has an innovative and exotic shagreen texture and Ultratech Helix has a distinctly dimensional geometric texture.


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