Posted in Products on 6 August, 2018


When building or renovating a bathroom all details must be thought through. The drain often becomes a boring necessity rather than part of the design. Making the functional drain unit blend into the design is something that the Danish company Unidrain has succeeded in.

Unidrain’s HighLine Custom solution for the drain always impresses architects and designers. Rather than tarnishing the design it makes the drain become an integral part of it by being almost invisible.

Highline custom details

HighLine Custom is a flat base on top of which you lay your choice of floor tile. The final look is discrete and exclusive with just a small line in the floor indicating the drain itself. Due to the unique technique of Unidrain’s drains, HighLine Custom can be placed by the wall and still be 100% waterproof. The one-sided slope makes it possible to use tiles in any size.

Modern solutions preserve the finesses of the past

Danish luxury hotel Nobis Hotel Copenhagen is located in a 114-year-old building and has recently undergone extensive renovations. The designer’s overall vision was to build on the original elegance of the marble-coated staircase, charming reliefs and gorgeous stucco. The bathrooms were all equipped with the Unidrain HighLine Custom solution, which instead of a regular grid in steel, is covered with marble tiles identical to the floor. In that way the drain is hidden by the splendid marble and barely noticeable – keeping the function but also preserving the finesse and elegance of the original design.


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