Unidrain – Bold as Brass

Posted in Products on 11 February, 2022

Setting the tone in the bathroom.

Changing trends and styles aren’t just the raison d’etre of the fashion industry – it is also pertinent to the bathroom industry.

Functionality is always top of the leader board when it comes to changing a bathroom wherever it is, from a home through to a five-star hotel. Function is followed by style and then colour and this is not just the tone of the walls and floor tiles.

When creating a perfect room, fixtures, fittings, taps, accessories and drains all work together to the overall picture for the finished bathroom.

The current trend is to move away from chrome and focus on a tonal finish, from black to brushed brass the colour palette has grown.

Unidrain have embrassed the warmer tones and their drains and Reframe Collection accessories are available in the on-trend shades of copper and brass.

These warmer, sun kissed tones add light to a bathroom, showers become statement pieces with bright drains and glowing soap shelves, tones that can both blend or highlight the space.


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