USM Haller E – the classic in a new light

Posted in Products on 17 November, 2017

Haller E is the new innovation from the Swiss manufacturer USM, integrating light and energy directly into the structure of its furniture – completely wirelessly.

With over fifty years of history, USM is a functional but beautiful furniture system designed to last over time. The success of the design classic is due to its simple yet ingenious design. From a few basic components a beautiful and practical piece of furniture is built which has been designed to grow with its environments ever changing needs whether that it is in the office or home, allowing for individuality and creativity.

Haller E showcases the timeless storage in a new light, whether it is at the reception, on the sales floor, or at home in the living room. Haller E creates the perfect light to highlight different objects, creating both atmosphere and directional light. In an enlightened innovation, the Swiss furniture manufacturer has integrated the power supply into the structure of its modular components. Dimmable lighting elements can be discreetly retracted into the moving rods to serve a wide variety of purposes: they can light shelves and display cases from the inside or effectively cover a wall in light to set the scene – choosing from a daylight glow or a warm white ambiance. Open a drawer for a clear overview with sensor-controlled interior lights or if mounted at the base of furniture the lighting elements can be used for orientation and guidance.

Light is not the only integral aspect of USM Haller E – mobile devices can also be charged directly from the structure. Just like the light sources, USB chargers can be attached wherever needed-plugged into pre-defined recesses, they are fully integrated into the rods and barely visible.

What is revolutionary about USM Haller E is the power supply. Seven years of research and development means there aren’t any cables. The structure itself guides the current through the specifically developed e-pipes, e-balls and e-connectors, all of which replace traditional components. The furniture maybe connected to the power supply at any convenient point near the ground through a feed cable leading directly to a USM Haller e-ball. The power adapter is located underneath the furniture, making the power supply look almost magical since neither cables nor outlets are visible. A fundamental principle of the USM Haller furniture system is its modular construction, since no cords are needed Haller E can be exchanged and combined with uncompromised flexibility.

The new integration of the power supply and lighting into the furniture’s load-bearing structure is not the culmination of a development; it’s the starting point for the future. Control via mobile app, touch sensitive furniture surfaces, programmable lighting scenarios – these are the future-orientated fields of research to which USM Haller will introduce its pioneering solutions.

Since its inception in the 1960’s USM Haller has advanced to the status of a design classic, Haller E has introduced innovative technology whilst the time-proven design remains constant.

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