Vondom and the sustainable revolution

Posted in Products on 3 April, 2020

More than just a designer furniture brand, Vondom is sufficiently committed and responsible for ensuring a better, more sustainable future. Eco-intelligence forms part of the company’s values because the team believes ‘we must first change ourselves if we seek to change the world’.

Vondom Revolution seeks to embody that responsibility and is a philosophy based on creating experiences that leave a mark on the world while contributing something different to society. With that in mind, the Vondom team has worked hard with master designers to create unique, exclusive and timeless pieces using sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials based on a firm commitment to innovation and the future.

Collections created through the transformation of recycled plastics from the sea and inspired by pure and beautiful nature that build spaces in perfect harmony with their surroundings. Converting dumped waste plastics into recyclable products, Vondom maintains high standards of quality, exclusivity and design. Fishing nets, waste plastics from the Balearic Islands and plastic bottles collected from the sea are their primary materials. Vondom collaborates together with fishermen, companies and organisations to bring back to life these materials in their products.

Fighting to effect change on the planet that will allow us to preserve the natural environment for future generations, Vondom is helping the effort by recycling and optimising our natural resources. Their goal is to help clean and repair our seas and coasts by making sustainability a part of everything they do.

Vondom has made a commitment to sustainable design through which they aim to pioneer the all-encompassing revolution in the eco-intelligent furniture industry that has a positive impact on the world, both now and in the future.


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