Walls that wow with Granorte

Posted in Products on 12 August, 2015

Granorte has introduced stunning three-dimensional wall panels that truly harness cork’s most natural look, capturing the rustic majesty of cork tree bark in three distinct looks.

Possessing excellent noise and thermal absorption, heightened by the heavily textured surfaces, and created from a sustainable and rapidly renewable resource with a lifespan of around 200 years, these new rustic wall panels will bring an added textural dimension to any feature wall.

Including a bark-like look, a rough hewn surface and a textured strip effect, these wall panels are suitable for use in a range of environments, bringing a natural and organic quality to corporate, retail, leisure and residential spaces.

“Cork is a wonderful design material, flexible enough to manipulate into highly textural surfaces such as the great wall panels,” comments Paulo Rocha, Granorte. “Combined with excellent acoustic and thermal properties as well as lightweight and bacteria resistant, these new cork wall panels offer designers a fresh way to introduce an organic quality to interiors with a fresh and quite wonderful aesthetic.”

Portugal-based Granorte is one of the world’s leading producers of cork products. Based at the heart of the cork industry, the manufacturer uses cork recycled from the waste of wine stopper production. As well as wall panels and flooring, Granorte also produces a range of interior products, showcasing the flexibility of cork and its potential to transform spaces with beautiful and unusual solutions.


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