William Holland

Posted in Products on 29 March, 2018

William Holland introduce the new Verdigris Copper Bath. Combining contemporary styling, romantic classicism and Biophilic design, the result is a sculptural bath with extraordinary ambience.

Harnessing the balance and purity of the natural world, the antimicrobial properties and warmth of copper combined with the organic verdigris finish creates a functional work of living art deeply rooted within nature.

Meticulously hand-finished by UK master craftsmen, each creation is a unique piece of artistry. Combining the decadent proportions of the William Holland styles with the classic natural antiquity of the verdigris finish, the result is a stunningly unique bath with a spa-like serenity.

Weighing as little as 45kg and made from 78 per cent recycled sources, these sumptuous baths are luxurious, aesthetically and experientially nourishing to the soul and above all sustainable. An immersive and escapist experience for one, a romantic liaison for two or a vivacious outdoor hot tub, the versatile styles are suitable for singles, couples, families or the sociality of boutique spas.

Used by renaissance artists from Vermeer to Botticelli, prized for its rare luminescence and vibrant quality, verdigris was originally the elemental product of years of organic natural process. With the wonder of modern techniques the fragile beauty of this unique living finish can now be harnessed to create instant history, nostalgia and narrative in one pure piece of living colour that will continue to evolve and develop within the environment.

Modern and minimal but far from clinical, this bath exudes warmth and vitality and is the perfect companion for the current trend of bold colour and metallics. Opulent in aesthetic and experience, serene in form and function, the new William Holland Verdigris Copper Bath is an oasis of purity and calm, an organic and living piece of functional art that whispers of antiquity, nature and time.

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