Woven Image renew collaborations with Bruce Goold

Posted in News, Products on 12 June, 2018

Woven Image has revealed the newest edition to its collection of acoustic pendents Rose, a new space-dividing solution in collaboration with artist Bruce Goold that helps to inspire and organise open-plan places.

Bruce Goold is a highly respected and celebrated Australian artist whose work has asserted its own unmistakable influences on Australian contemporary art and design.

In Woven Image’s 30 years, it has enjoyed collaborations with many exceptional artists and designers, many of whom, like Goold, retain an ongoing working relationship. In 1990 came the first collaboration with Bruce Goold, resulting in the iconic upholstery fabric Woodcut Rose which has now been relaunched as a high-performance woven jacquard fabric and added to with two new designs Banana Grove and Rattan. Goold has also created a new wall-covering material, Seagrass, drawing on his outstanding printing deftness.

Pendent Rose is made from 12mm Echopanel, which is available in 20 colours. The panel mimics the positive and negative space seen in woodcutting techniques to define the outline of the Rose motif. While a beautiful decorative piece, the panel can be used as a functional acoustic barrier, privacy screen or space divider.

Whether it’s a workplace, classroom, hotel lobby or restaurant, the collection of ceiling-suspended, acoustic panels are excellent ready-to-install acoustic performance products. The Woven Image pendent collections create a room feature or can simply configure a space to grant privacy where needed while adding an immediate improvement to the sound quality of a space.

Each pendent comes with a beautifully resolved Hanging Component Kit – a collaborative piece created by Sydney based designers bangdesign – which effortlessly clips into place, suspending the panel from an easily adjustable ceiling mount.

Designing open-plan spaces can now be flexible and with so many space-dividing solutions from Woven Image there are more opportunities for creating innovative surroundings.

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