1 Hotel Central Park, New York

Posted in Projects on 1 December, 2015

Distilled down to its essence, the conceptual design framework for 1 Hotel Central Park is simplicity and transparency. AvroKO sought to realise these conceptual notes through a conscious approachability in design, coupled with the use and celebration of natural materials. Simple…

In consciously cultivating design approachability, AvroKO exercised restraint in leaving much of the guest experience ‘un-designed’. Nothing within the space or its individual elements is overly detailed, fussy or pretentious, but rather made to feel comfortable. Many of the simple design and construction details are visibly articulated to further this idea of transparency as an expression of honesty. In a subtle statement to keep the design approachable, much of the space remains unadorned and free from art for art’s sake, while instead allowing for moments of breath or pause through greenery and nature. The concept of transparency becomes even more apparent through key design elements of the guest rooms, including punched out window seats with views of Central Park, and glass enclosed showers, which offer guests a welcome connection to natural light and a feeling of openness in the bathroom. AvroKO takes this notion a step further by embracing remnants of the existing building architecture – such as exposed concrete ceilings and floors, exposed steel columns and beams, along with uncovered terracotta block masonry walls – while simultaneously setting the tone for the repurposing of other source origin and more natural materials.

Celebration of Natural Materials

It goes without saying that a hotel brand inspired by nature would feature a richness of natural materials. However, what quickly became the heart of AvroKO’s focus is more a celebration of natural materials in their raw form. The materials and finishes at 1 Hotel Central Park are not overly rustic, but rather selected for their natural and elemental undertone. Accordingly, AvroKO embraces the inherent character in natural woods, stones and textiles, often placing the movement and noise expressed through their respective markings, veining, knots and color variation in the foreground of the design. Similarly, we use the simple yet considered layering of different natural materials as a way to create unexpected texture and pattern, while maintaining a level of transparency and thus honesty to the pairings. Equally as important in the celebration of natural materials is sourcing locally whenever possible. Discovering and transcribing the origin of salvaged materials, such as water tank wood branded with its species and source, is key to the narrative of AvroKO’s design. As every guest will soon experience for themselves, there is a comfort, ease and level of luxuriousness in being surrounded by natural materials. One will feel more connected with nature, and specifically the Central Park setting, more connected with others and ultimately more connected with one’s self.



Photography: Eric Laignel

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