AW² unveils its latest luxury, eco-friendly project Kasiiya in Papagaya opening 2019

Posted in Projects on 22 November, 2018

Wake up and open your doors to birdsong, relax on your deck at the end of an exhilarating day and watch the sun sinking on the horizon, before slipping into your luxury bedlinen… Kasiiya is the latest private wilderness retreat.

Built on wooden platforms, the five new tent suites demonstrate how architecture and nature can live in harmony.

A true slice of paradise, the suites, located over 123 hectares of wilderness, offer unparalleled comfort, security and privacy . From AW²’s natural, earthy colour palettes of the interiors to the layout that invites nature in, guests experience a new relationship with the world which is more stealthy, respectful and authentic. Get a flavour for the tantalising Costa Rican cuisine through the expertise of chef Sebastian Guevara, whose dishes are inspired by the views, the air and the smell of the ocean.

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