Ellerman House, Cape Town

Posted in Projects on 21 August, 2015

Exquisite design has been methodically drawn to the new and improved Ellerman House. With no two rooms the same Hamish Kilburn writes how Edwardian and contemporary style are, in this case, a match made in heaven…

Earlier this year, Ellerman House Cape Town introduced its fresh new look. With revamped interiors, large outside space on all levels of the building and striking scenic views, the hotel has now been made one of the most luxurious in South Africa.

What makes Ellerman House such a striking project is its willingness to be singular in its design approach. Instead of offering the standard pool, spa and guestrooms in a synonymous style, the hotel that sits on Bantry Bay dares to be different, and its latest renovation reflects this motif. The hotel allows guests checking in to be a house guest, and not just a paying customer. Each guestroom is slightly diverse to the next, meaning that the hotel’s designers left no stone unturned when it came to each rooms style. Adding character and personality each part of the hotel allows guests to feel at home when staying in luxury, especially in their rooms.

The lounge offers a home-away-from-home retreat in a cosy and comfortable setting. Protecting a traditional feel, the lounge has been turned into an Edwardian masterpiece, painted in soft-green hues matching the original gardens of the property. It is complete with a bar that radiates soft-pastel colours and sumptuous upholstery.

The property is allowed to breath freely with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Undisturbed views can be caught from sunrise to sunset of the stunning West-facing Atlantic Ocean.

The interiors of the rooms have also had a magnificent change, so that they now compliment the blue and green palettes of the ocean views and lush, floral surroundings of Cape Town. The art works have been changed to also match the new interiors. Room 7 enjoys new grey shades that span from the grey walls to the paintings and furnishings, making it a new guest favourite. All bathrooms have also been updated and now oozes contemporary style, spaciousness and comfort. The new modern-chic design allows guests to escape and enjoy the epitome of luxury of Ellerman House.


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