The Hendrick’s Hotel, Amsterdam

Posted in Projects on 18 December, 2017

After being appointed to design the interiors, naming and branding for this project, visionary interior designer Hilary Lancaster and owner of Fusion Interiors Group unveils her second hotel project in Amsterdam…

Named ‘The Hendrick’s Hotel’ (After Prince Hendrick himself) and located on the Prins Hendrikkade in the city centre, the two buildings now joined together, were constructed in the last quarter of the 18th century. In the late 1800’s, they were occupied as a Twentsche Bank, which was in operation until the 1950’s. For the last ten years, squatters have occupied the building. A year ago, the current owners were able to purchase the properties, and with Fusion Interiors, have converted them into a 25-bedroom boutique hotel with a living room style lobby/breakfast area.

Designed to target both leisure and business travellers, the concept draws on the history of the location, the bank, as well as the personality of Prins Hendrick. Prince Hendrick was a colourful character who married into the Dutch Royal family. His mischievous life and his love of women is a subtle theme of the hotel, with each room being named after a special woman in his life. Even the ‘do not disturb’ sign says the guest is ‘having way too much fun’.

According to Hilary Lancaster, ‘once we created a theme around Prince Hendrick, the concept of the hotel took on a very fun and quirky feel while respecting the history of the building. Every room is different while there are four themes that define certain room types. The ‘Royal’ rooms have a dark blue and gold colour scheme and two of them have deep red freestanding baths at the end of the bed. The ‘typical’ rooms have the ‘Bank’ theme, with rich green wallpaper and original bank cheques framed for the artwork hanging from Victorian inspired picture chains. The two suites are themed on ‘Romance’ with hand-drawn illustrations of women throughout history and a soft pale green and pink colour scheme with gilt mirrors suspended throughout.

The lobby was designed to be the living room of Prince Hendrick, where the bookshelves with unique antiques sourced from Europe, were designed to be as if they were Prince Hendrick’s collection – a display of all of the pieces he may have picked up on his travels while in the German Army. Ropes suspended as light fittings and a huge yacht wheel hanging on the spiral staircase also add to the nautical feel and bring guests a unique atmosphere and experience of what it may have been like to be in this Prince’s world.

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