Hotel Du Ministere, Paris

Posted in Projects on 7 October, 2015

Interior designer François Champsaur has created a hotel extension full of light and colour while paying homage to building’s former purpose as an artist and fashion design studio. Hamish Kilburn writes while staring out of the glass ceiling…

Positioned steps away from the Church of La Madeleine and the famous shopping district Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, the Hôtel du Ministère sits in prime location. Following four years of success, in June 2015 the hotel added 18 new rooms in an adjacent building to the original hotel.

Linked by a bright and colourful breakfast room, the new street side wing is crowned with a top floor skylight whilst the courtyard side wing features a regal Eiffel Tower style structural façade.

Hôtel du Ministère’s addition offers unique duplexes and singular rooms with glass ceilings. Romantic spaces with an industrial Eiffel Tower aesthetics give the property a sense of place. Bathed in starlight streaming through glass ceilings, with warm beech wood nests integrated with the original hotel panelling, the hotel’s romantic interpretation on the City of Light is quite something.

Buffet style breakfast is served in a new spacious, sunlit room filled with vibrant colour. Savour freshly squeezed fruit juices, pastries, organic dairy products, a wide variety of organic breads and cereals, eggs and smoked salmon, as well as a large selection of cheeses, cured meats and hot beverages.

The hotel has paid very special attention to ensuring that this new addition retains the friendly and inviting ambiance that sets this boutique hotel apart. Its graphic contemporary design and works of fine art adorning the rooms and common areas collectively offer a visual feast for the eyes.

Made in Paris with care

François Champsaur puts his stamp on the Hotel du Ministere, paying tribute to the artist and fashion designer studios that were formerly housed in the iconic building.

Many of the hotel rooms overlooking the courtyard so guests can enjoy spectacular and light panoramic views of Paris through two-story steel-framed glass walls.

Echoing the existing industrial aesthetic of the building, the design objective for this addition aimed to be particularly resolutely graphic. Geographic forms contrast and complement one another, just as explosions of colour balance the predominant presence of black and white, enhancing the rooms in unexpected/surprising ways.

The spirit of the ‘artist’s studio’ is omnipresent in the linear fixtures and fittings along with the graphic design of the black and white carpet. The painterly brushstrokes of the carpet provide spatial rhythm and echo the play of colours between the armchairs, drapes, cushions and mosaic flooring in the bathrooms.

The oak headboard along with the opening/door to the bathroom softens the geometric lines, infusing the space with a harmonious balance of energy.

In the bathrooms, there is a play on volume in black and white thanks to the asymmetrical washbasin, which imitates the mirror/which is reflected in the mirror. The glass tile flooring is softened by the marble, which makes up the washbasin and bathtub.

Signature pieces, such as Carlo Molino’s Gilda armchair or Franco Albini’s Tre Pezzi, add to the unique character of each room as their tubular steel frames accentuate the industrial ambiance of the building.

The black light fixtures by Serge Mouille reinforce sensibility while the curvilinear wall light fixtures by Atelier Troupe kinetically contrast the rectilinear lines of the dressing tables.

The soft and subdued night lamp juxtaposes with the large windows that allow natural light to engulf the space during the day creating bright effects that highlight the hotel’s architectural elements and surface textures.

The drawn curtains, designed like paintings, make up a colourful atmosphere. The plaid woven wool only reinforces this feeling.

Francois Champsaur, in collaboration with the owner of the Hotel du Ministere chose the artwork to decorate each space. Gouache, drawings and engravings all bring a unique touch that gives its intimate elegance. The galleries Marie Ricco, Maeght, Catherine Putman and Glineur Item Editions helped to complete the collection that was already in the hotel along with the sculptures of Sebastien KJito, lithographs of David Lynch, the works of artist couple KRM and visual artists Carmen Perrin and Stephanie Guglielmetti.

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