Jean-Louis Deniot creates a new icon of hotel design at the NOLINSKI Paris

Posted in Projects on 11 August, 2016

Renowned French architect Jean-Louis Deniot’s bold, eclectic, yet refined design is homage to ‘la vie française’ and is a restful haven in the centre of Paris – read about his work at the NOLINSKI hotel in the French capital…

Renowned French architect Jean-Louis Deniot’s latest project – the interiors of the NOLINSKI hotel in Paris, a characterful hotel from the EVOK group – has immersed in the surroundings of iconic Haussmann elegance. Deniot’s bold, eclectic, yet refined design in homage to ‘la vie française’ is a restful haven in the centre of Paris.

A minimalist reception crafted from beautiful Carrara marble sets the tone for the rest of the design, where contemporary style meets classical architecture with Deniot’s distinctive flair. Carefully considered hues of blue and emerald green, precious materials and custom-made furniture intertwine with works of art to create a sensory experience in each space. A sweeping staircase within an ethereal backdrop of cloud adorned walls leads you up six stories from the hustle and bustle of the ground floor to the hushed heights of the rooms and suites.

Each room has its own identity and colour palette incorporating bold tones of green, raspberry, beige, blue and yellow, chosen by Deniot to enhance the harmonious greys and waxed concrete of the suites housed in Haussmann lofts. Beautiful materials, mouldings, neoclassical wood paneling and 1970s vintage furniture are punctuated with curated sculptural ceramics, while heavy curtains and rich carpets ground the design and provide a cocooning feel. Throughout the design, Jean-Louis Deniot reinvents traditional materials and their application, such as wood paneling, using blackened oak panels with abstract paintings and cubist-inspired tiling in the Réjane Brasserie.

The architecture, lighting and detailing within the restaurant produce differing experiences within the space. Geometric lights provide a soft ambience in the cosy, intimate booths, while brass and painted mirrors embellish the lively bar, and planted bronze flowers provide a whimsical yet refreshing atmosphere in the winter garden greenhouse.

In contrast, Jean-Louis intended for the Grand Salon to provide the ultimate comfort in a secluded spot with its swivel armchairs positioned around the magnificent bronze fireplace under the silver leaf ceiling. Heavy tweed curtains and a colourful explosion of paintings and wall coverings by Florence Girette create a welcoming, relaxed yet elegant space for guests and locals alike.

Within the Spa Nolinski by La Colline, granite flooring and mirrored finishes are contrasted with warm wood paneling and soft candlelight, creating a chiaroscuro effect of light and shade. These textural elements are coupled with a large-scale abstract landscape wall panel in the pool and the night’s sky in the hammam, evoking a return to nature and simple serenity.

Jean-Louis Deniot’s next big project will the UK-based ‘The Glebe’ in Chelsea, London.

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