Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, St. Barth, Grand Cul-de-Sac

Posted in Projects on 7 March, 2017

Set on a perfect crescent-shaped, white-sand beach, Le Barthélemy – St. Barths’ newest five-star hotel – is an oasis of laid-back Caribbean calm in Grand Cul-de-Sac. The hotel embraces its chic Parisian pedigree while reveling in its relaxed, beachfront setting, blending bespoke service with genuine island hospitality to expressly capture the essence of St. Barths.

Sybille de Margerie’s interiors combine modernity with Caribbean authenticity, offering perfect comfort in symbiosis with the environment. A true extension of the surrounding nature, the hotel’s design celebrates the island’s natural beauty and embodies its serenity and elegance. The ocean view is an integral part of Le Barthelemy’s decor and invites guests to feel as if they are on a blissful escape.

Space and light are clear inspirations in the hotel’s interiors: white, blue, and sandy tones, in soft and fresh hues, are omnipresent.

The atmosphere is light and airy allowing for a smooth circulation between the hotels principle spaces.

Le Barthélemy was designed expressly to capture the essence of St. Barths; harmonious with its surrounding environment, a product of place, purpose and time. The interiors were designed by internationally acclaimed interior architect Sybille de Margerie, who has built a reputation on creating breathtaking spaces that reflect not only their particular location but that conjure an emotional response.

With the sea and beauty of St. Barths as her inspiration, the interiors are understated yet supremely luxurious and create a serene atmosphere. The décor is comprised of natural materials and artistic touches such as resin coral, blown glass sculptures and a stunning wooden sculpture in the spa by esteemed French sculptor, Thierry Martenon, which are all testaments to the island’s French pedigree and Caribbean soul. Sculptures by artist Tzuri Gueta and delicate accessories by Gilles Caffier evoke the great diversity of the island’s corals.

For the decoration of the lobby, Sybille de Margerie was inspired by one of the oldest trades on the island: the braiding of dried palm leaves by the women of the Corossol village to create hats. There is a clear nod to this technique as, on the wall of brushed and bleached wood, one can find panels covered with braided straw fabric linking the three common spaces: lobby, bar and restaurant.

With guestrooms either overlooking the ocean or garden, Sybille de Margerie offers a contrast between a turquoise palette for those with a sea view and a fuchsia harmony for those facing the garden. The wooden shutters painted in either taupe or white lacquer separate the bedroom and bathroom from the terrace leaving guests the option for complete privacy or an extraordinary view.

The Thala stone flooring complements the headboards in woven straw, while the high ceilings give each room volume and space conducive to comfort and relaxation.

The glass pendant lights are made by Wonderglass and inspired by fishing rod caps, while the resin coral sculptures remind us of the vast diversity of coral species on the island. Driftwood logs serve as side tables, the coffee tables are designed by Pouenat and the day bed on the terraces are made by the prestigious Milanese brand Paola Lenti.

Sybille de Margerie’s interiors reflect Michelin-starred French chef Guy Martin’s cuisine superbly: the white painted wooden frame supports an immense suspension of a shoal of glass fish reminiscent of the richness of the underwater fauna in St Barth. The coffee coloured marble stone, furniture designed by Christophe Declourt and coloured glass fish chandelier all combine to create a sophisticated and soothing atmosphere. Sybille de Margerie entrusted designer Anouchka Potdevin with the decoration of four yellow lacquered wooden niches with suspended bird cages, in which blown-glass hummingbirds can be seen.

‘Le Spa’ at Le Barthélemy is an invitation to unwind, a peaceful haven, a temple of wellbeing and relaxation. For its decoration, Sybille de Margerie has drawn inspiration from the extraordinary coastal environment of St Barths. The floor is in textured white porcelain stoneware with a wet sand effect, the patinated walls with inlaid sand flakes and a wooden scale, which all combine to create a soothing marine-esque environment.

Thanks to Sybille de Margerie, Le Barthélemy invites you on a unique and exclusive experience in an exceptional place. Culture, emotion and creation are the key elements employed by the interior designer, to better transcribe an atmosphere linked to an abundant environmental richness, history and savoir-faire of the island.

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