Little Tai Hang: a truly modern Hong Kong cultural experience

Posted in Projects on 10 July, 2017

Little Tai Hang, the brand new hotel and serviced apartment residence, has been lovingly curated to ensure a truly unique hospitality experience with real personality and extraordinary charm. With a timeless style that remains true to the heritage of the surrounding Tai Hang neighbourhood, the property perfectly embodies a quaint, neighbourhood-centric yet forward-thinking vibe in a ‘hidden sweet spot’ between Causeway Bay and North Point.

Little Tai Hang’s locally envisioned design has been cultivated with a great sense of emotional familiarity with its surroundings. Views from the property look towards the lush greenery and temple to the south, the magnificent Victoria Harbour to the north, or in some cases the luxurious option of both. Closer relationships with the neighbouring street life, temple and park, can be experienced from the quaint and cosy terraces, open spaces, and restaurants that are spread throughout the podium. A combination of beautifully glazed concave tiles and coal-fired bricks on the Little Tai Hang façade expresses the charming blend of local and colonial heritage so unique to Hong Kong, whilst the wide-span, low-iron glass curtainwall gives stunning breadth and clarity to the views.

“I’ve always loved the idea of building something that gives special meaning to the neighbourhood and the people who live in it,” says Tommy Pao, the founder and creative mind behind Little Tai Hang. He adds that he avoided using new technology and materials purely for the sake of being ‘new’. “The priority was to realise a well-built design that establishes a strong relationship to its context and is able to bring out the most unique and charming qualities of Tai Hang.”

Stepping into the lobby of Little Tai Hang is like entering an old friend’s living room, complete with a library, hand-selected artwork by local artists, and a fireplace that gives new residents a hint of what to expect in their rooms above. Room interiors are subtly accented with mid-century touches as well as the occasional highlight of colour to add warmth and character. The design intentionally avoids overly flashy or contemporary themes but instead wholeheartedly embraces the simplicity of a home away from home, leaving space for the homely clutter of our daily lives and the personal character that we gradually add to our own spaces.

Furniture pieces are an intriguing mixture of custom-made designs and accessories from local boutiques to fit the utterly charming Little Tai hang backstory – a tale of four animal characters that befriend each other during their adventures and travels in Tai Hang. The lamps, and some of the decorative pieces, come in the shape of rabbits, dogs and whales, hinting at a larger extension of characters and storylines that make up the whole neighbourhood.

Rooms come in the form of studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and a three-bedroom penthouse, with a full gym, lounge, and partnering restaurants all in-house. Paired with a considerable private collection of art, Little Tai Hang offers something that is truly different from anything else in Hong Kong – privacy and convenience, familiarity and warmth, breath-taking views, and an intriguing neighbourhood full of charm and personal character.

The streets of the surrounding Tai Hang are home to many local eateries, charming alleyways and cul-de-sacs, hidden parks, and of course the famous Lin Fa Kung temple that inspired the neighbourhood’s famed annual mid-autumn dragon dance. The area’s uniquely quiet yet accessible location is the perfect setting to wander and discover its many open green spaces, art-filled alleyways, and streets full of stories. At the heart of it all, Little Tai Hang endeavours to become an integral part of that discovery.

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