Midtown Athletic Club and Hotel, Chicago

Posted in Projects on 28 March, 2018

Transformed from the largest tennis club in the country into what can now be considered a city landmark, the Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago has more than tripled in size from 150,000 to 575,000 sqft, and offers a six-storey leisure resort.

The site now consists of numerous fitness facilities including a gym, swimming pools, tennis courts, an indoor sports area, and fitness studios as well as a spa, restaurant, and a fifty-five room hotel. It has been designed to be a place where you don’t just go to work-out; it is a social hub where locals can interact in whatever environment suits them.

Creating the perfect atmosphere

Hakwood flooring was specified for both the hotel and the club. In the words of Dwayne MacEwen, principal and creative director of DMAC Architecture, it has “added patina and warmth.” In order to achieve this, the same wood was also used for the ceiling. He goes on to describe it as the “organising element” between multiple different spaces and experiences that the centre provides.

“In terms of flooring, Hakwood owns the club.” – Dwayne MacEwen, DMAC Architecture

In order to re-invent the very idea of a sports club, the DMAC team thoroughly researched the attraction of boutique clubs. “We did a boxing workout with George Foreman III in Boston,” says MacEwen. “Then we flew into Montreal for spinning classes. We took all these experiences and literally built something completely new and exciting around it.”

Not just a gym

Along with its spectacular sports and fitness facilities, Midtown also boasts a luxury boutique hotel known as, The Hotel at Midtown. The Presidential penthouse offers a duplex apartment with a private wrap-around terrace, a kitchenette, and unbridled access to the resorts’ fitness, and dining facilities. The V Suite, designed by tennis star Venus Williams and her firm V Starr Interiors comes complete with a walk-in wardrobe, a sophisticated design, and an exceptional view of the resorts’ outdoor swimming pool.

Hakwood Tranquility flooring from the Colour Collection was chosen for the hotel and helps to create a relaxing, contemporary retreat that is perfect for unwinding after a day of fitness or simply for an invigorating spa trip. The views of the city skyline only add and enhance the unforgettable experience of staying at the Hotel at Midtown.

Chromium, Midtown Chicago’s premium eatery, only strengthens DMAC’s vision of re-inventing the idea of a sports club. It offers dishes made from locally sourced ingredients that are healthy, but in creative and delicious ways. The resort even caters for children. ‘Kidtown’ includes theme days, fun fitness classes, and special events.

Photos: Anthony Tahlier/ Courtesy of DMAC Architecture P.C


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