Posted in Projects on 5 May, 2022

Good vibes and good art, Emma Kennedy takes a tour of One Hundred Shoreditch.

Making my way along Shoreditch high street, I arrive at my final destination, the newly launched One Hundred Shoreditch. To be honest, they had me at the name. It’s hard to get lost when the clue’s in the title.

Climbing the steps to Lore Groups latest hotel, I am greeted first by some Totem poles – more about those later- and then by possibly the cheeriest doorman in London. Ushering me inside and introducing me to reception, his warm welcome sets the tone for the trip, reinforcing the notion that first impressions are everything.

The lobby area is a bustling affair considering the hotel had only been open for a few days. With an abundance of wood strip panelling worthy of a Mad Men office, the ambience is warm and nostalgic with an on-trend vibe.  Apart from a fantastically huge mirror, encased in steel, wood is a recurring theme at One Hundred Shoreditch.

One Hundred Shoreditch, London, UK

The afore mentioned Totem poles that feature in the entrance, are part of a collection that continues into the Lobby. They are a curious collection of individually designed wooden spheres and discs, some natural- some painted, and one crowned with a golden disc. The latter has been cleverly positioned to reflect in the mirror, giving the illusion of a huge contemporary still life. The artwork is a coherent collection, that continues throughout the hotel, mixed in with beautiful hanging textiles, and bold sculptures. It’s worth noting at this point, that the impressive art works throughout One Hundred Shoreditch, have either been painted or designed by Jacu Strauss and his team, and were being finished right up to the launch. In fact, a painting in one of the lifts, was quite literally finished by Jacu, in situ.

Previously inhabited by ACE Hotel, who chose not to reopen following the 2020 lockdown, One Hundred Shoreditch have taken a considered approach to its interior design and refurbishment. While the initial impression of the hotel’s décor is very different to its previous incarnation, intelligent design choices have been made throughout, by Jacu Strauss, Creative director for Lore Group.

The hospitality sector is often accused of being unnecessarily wasteful when it comes to design, but if One Hundred Shoreditch is representative of the future, then the landscape seems to be changing. Appreciating many elements of the previous design, Jacu made an early decision that instead of ripping it all out to create the blank canvas every designer craves; he and his team would take a far more sustainable approach. Tired wooden flooring was stripped back and resurfaced along with the beautifully crafted Benchmark table in the lobby. Sofas and chairs have been reupholstered and sit side by side with new commissioned pieces, and the same with the light fittings. This refreshing approach has proved to be a resounding design success and a tribute to Jacu and his team.

The elevated lounge area is open and generous with an energetic vibe. There’s quite a lot going on style wise; deep white modern sofas sit with large wood coffee tables; Vintage cream leather sofas – just the right side of cool- are teamed with black marble tables and sisal rugs; Painted brick walls and cork tiled columns; abstract paintings and wall hangings. By rights, it shouldn’t really work, but somehow it does in a relaxed informal way.

The hotels amenity spaces, have all been given their own ‘colour personality’.

Bold pops of colour engage the eye, drawing guests into the different areas, cutting through the neutrals like acid- adding an element of fun. The unspoken message is to ‘relax, and not take yourself too seriously’. The Lobby bar is the perfect setting to experience this use of colour with a stunning oversized paper garland in bright red hanging joyfully over the bar. Scarlett sculptures and abstract paintings jump out against crisp white walls, looking down on the low tables and club chairs sitting on vermillion rugs.

Taking ‘pops of colour’ to a whole new level, is the stand-alone restaurant, Goddard & Gibbs. Making quite the statement as you enter the restaurant, is a huge rock sculpture in eye-popping yellow, echoed by large ‘sandscapes’ of the same yellow on the walls. The restaurant’s décor and menu is inspired by ‘Simple and ethical British Seafood’ and also offers a Hatch and a Wine bar, serving seafood and snacks to eat on the go, or an impromptu meal to enjoy with a glass of wine.

Taking up residence in the basement of One Hundred Shoreditch, is Seed Library. The walk down a staircase with exposed industrial pipework and a concrete flooring feels quite ominous, but simply adds to the delight of arriving in the hotels Cocktail bar. Award winning cocktail maestro, Ryan Chetiyawardana (Mr Lyan to his friends) is the face behind Seed Library. The colour of choice here is orange and is as warm and inviting as every self-respecting cocktail bar should be. There are banquettes and pill stools in velvet, mushroom lamps on hi-gloss round tables and cocktail chairs with chunky steel frames. A collection of vintage glass and 1970s lava pottery are displayed on Ladderax style shelving. Behind the banquettes are beautiful wall hangings, where pockets of net form a grid housing individual seeds against a burnt orange fabric.

The Rooftop is a sea of blush tiles, brass lamps and soft pink marble. The acoustic ceiling tiles- possibly the most tasteful I have ever seen- mimic the herringbone terracotta floor tiles. There is a definite holiday vibe up on the seventh floor, with more than a hint of Art Deco decadence. Glass chandeliers, wall hangings and interesting objet d ‘art guide the eye round the space, and black Crittall style doors lead out to a lush mature terrace, with panoramic views across the London skyline.

The 100 Room, also on the top floor, is a meeting room with floor to ceiling glass and exceptional city views. Adding a touch of dark humour, a vintage parachute is artfully hung high up on the wall bringing a vibrant splash of colour to the room. I’m clearly not alone in thinking it’s an amazing space, which has already been booked up as a venue well into the future.

The 258 guest rooms and studios are a much calmer affair and have been designed as sanctuaries to decompress and recharge. A soft palette has been used for the linens, textiles, and soft furnishings, along with the signature paintings and wall hangings. They are simple and understated, with a Scandinavian aesthetic, and sharp, well-designed bathrooms.

When discussing interiors, designers often say its success will depend on how a space makes you feel. Looking around One Hundred Shoreditch, there is a definite buzz and a positive vibe. I have a feeling the good folk of Shoreditch have been waiting impatiently for its arrival, and now it’s here they don’t want to leave!

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