Palazzo Versace Dubai, UAE

Posted in Projects on 11 February, 2016

In the ever-expanding luxury metropolis that is Dubai, you won’t only find Versace’s iconic Medusa’s head embroidered on fashionable clothing – but emblazoned on the very fabric of an exciting new hotel. Hamish Kilburn reviews the Palazzo Versace Dubai…

Dubai is a shrinking violet, said nobody, ever. Eminent among designers and architects as a place where boundaries are taken to the next level, it sometimes seems that there is little to surprise in the once-desert city when it comes to hotel design – until now. Thanks to in-house architects at the House of Versace, The Palazzo Versace Dubai tempers the exuberant bling of Versace with a timeless, classic spirit. As the most eagerly anticipated UAE-based hotel opening of 2015, it certainly delivers.

Just as the iconic fashion brand behind it has done, the hotel capitalises on its iconic symbol; the Medusa’s head. The Palazzo Versace Dubai wears its Medusa authoritively, with both the head and those other great Versace motifs, the Greek key and lotus, used extensively in every aspect of the hotel’s design. Even the air conditioning grills have been carved to resemble Greek key pattern. It’s no surprise that the Palazzo Versace’s signature opulence – think Mediaval Italy meets Arabian nights, along with all those Versace motifs and lashings of gold – is typified by the nine types of rooms and suites, a sumptuous spa and eight restaurants. With interiors by experts including Spatium and the House of Versace, every detail is exquisite, from the golden hand-embellished ceilings, to the finest marbles and mosaics.

The tone is set from the moment you walk into the building. In the lobby, guests can marvel at furniture and textiles decorated with peacocks, falcons and horses and the 1,000 square metres of mosaic marble flooring underfoot. The furniture may be grand, but the atmosphere isn’t fussy. It’s welcoming, refined and relaxing. Of course, the solid white and gold pillars are a constant reminder of Dubai’s majesty, but the large open space allows guests to wander at will undisturbed, and enjoy the spectacular views towards the city centre that can be seen from all corners of the lobby.

150 rooms and 65 suites have, too, been furnished with iconic Versace designs and most have a private balcony or terrace either facing the Culture Village (a multipurpose waterfront development) or Dubai Creek. Uplifting colours of turquoise, blue, beige, gold and salmon adorn the rooms while a palette of salmon, gold and blue are used in the suites. Speaking on the hotel opening, master developer ENSHAA PSC CEO, Raza Jafar, said, “This is a very exciting time for the Palazzo Versace chain, and we are thrilled to bring this iconic hotel to the exquisite, cosmopolitan city of Dubai. As always, we are especially thankful to our team who have been working hard to create a beautiful end product for our valued guests and to help provide them with an unforgettable experience during their visit.”

This, the second property to be welcomed into the Versace hotel portfolio (the first is on Australia’s Golden Coast), sits in good company among the small, yet quality-based portfolio. The brand has expanded while keeping a strong and sophisticated identity. The opening of this hotel solidifies the brand’s international stamp. “Versace is a renowned fashion, luxury and lifestyle company. Since the very beginning we’ve encompassed many product categories – from clothing to accessories, from luxury goods to the home collection – to convey the uniqueness and iconic style of the brand” said Mr Gian Giacomo Ferraris, Chief Executive Officer of Versace.

Luxury at the Palazzo Versace hotels is a lifestyle – and now the luxury lifestyle brand’s symbol sits quite comfortably in the city of Dubai.

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