PAM HOTEL NICE Opening: the new “California Vibes” hot spot in Southern France

Posted in Projects on 8 May, 2024

Pam Hotel aims to pay homage to two complimentary ways of living. By having fun with neon, with board sports, with colours on the plate and a healthy lifestyle, the Pam offers a chance to live life as you imagined it could be, in this brand new venue situated at the heart of one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in the city of Nice.

Nobody enters the Pam Hotel by chance. A waxed pink concrete ramp acts as an extension of the street, conducting guests and inquisitive passersby to the reception desk. It is a playground and a fabulous setting, both at the same time.

Five floors. 102 bedrooms. At the Pam Hotel, guests feel real freedom, thanks to a multiplicity of spaces and possibilities.

Pamela’s, the cafe, is a place to sit and eat; the Boho Lounge offers a space to take a break or check emails. Then there is the Palm Garden, an open space which resembles an indoor garden, or the bar with its windows opening onto the grounds, where hot dogs or lattes are available to take away.

Designer Michael Malapert has designed a hotel in the coolest vintage style
Michael Malapert is the designer who creates spaces that each have their own unique atmosphere. His décors are elegant and daring without ignoring the pressing issue of the environment. In Nice, interior designer Michael Malapert wanted to introduce street culture and the Californian vibe into an urban hotel for the first time.

Starting from the reception, the nods to Californian culture proliferate, from giant backlit neon lights to walls decorated with longboards and retro and vintage accessories that reference the 1970s.

The profusion of colours – yellow, pink, celadon – is visually pleasing and also offers a sense of escape. The diner-style lights dramatise the space while the furniture, with its references to Californian and Mediterranean culture, blends colours and natural materials including tiles and earthenware. The vegetation offers a contrast, with plants that thrive on the Mediterranean light peeking out of cracks and corners. A little of here, a little of there. Feet in Nice, head in LA.

“For a long time, people have held very cliched ideas about the city of Nice. Often it is wrongly confused with its neighbours Cannes or Monaco. On the contrary, it is a young, dynamic city that is expanding rapidly, with its own authentic way of life, thanks to the sea, the palm trees and the outdoor lifestyle. A city with international connections, that boasts the second most important airport in France. These are the aspects that we wanted to foreground, via the kind of striking, brightly coloured and vibrant project that this city deserves. We wanted to give the city the gift of a vibrant and dynamic hub that would serve as meeting point for the lifestyles that are, right now, the coolest around.” Michael Malapert

Across five floors, 102 bedrooms offer the chance to relax after a day spent dabbling your toes in the water, gliding around on rollerblades or walking the streets. The size varies (from 180 sq ft to 290 sq ft) but all the rooms are bright and comfortable. Some have terraces equipped with outdoor furniture, for enjoying the fresh evening air or sunbathing in privacy. The beds are adjustable according to guests’ needs: they can be zipped together or separated, according to a family’s needs; there are also sofa beds that can accommodate extra guests. At Pam, nobody puts Baby in a corner: thanks to large beds, sofa beds and bunkbeds, these family rooms can house up to five people. Forget about headboards: here, you get a sunset. The kind that sets an Instagrammer’s pulse racing as it sets in the distance. This is the sort of sunset that is best anticipated while sipping an aperitif on the Quai des États-Unis – one that then bedecks the whole city in an intense pink that is rarely seen elsewhere. It is these spectacular sunsets that give a pattern to days and nights at the Pam Hotel.

A place where all the vibes are good
On the ground floor, spaces converge and interlink, expanding the possibilities. Outside, the visitor’s gaze is drawn to a small outside terrace sheltered by white and pink awnings with touches of azure. Inside, the spaces are defined by lighting that is bright in some places and dimmer in others.

Grand central bar ‘Pamela’s
On the other side of the ground floor, facing an immense skateboard ramp, is a space designed around a grand central bar with a tiled facade and a Californian cafe. Pamela’s pays homage to the most mythic of California girls – a woman idolised by pop culture who still demonstrates today how well she understood her era. And like her, Pamela’s is unique. Benches fashioned out of white concrete and marble, wooden decorations, corner sofas and communal dining tables – there is a style of seating to suit every requirement.

Credit : © Nicolas Anetson

Hotel investment – Turenne Hôtellerie
Created in 2012, Turenne Hôtellerie invests in funds that hold commercial assets and generally, the associated real estate. Their hotels, ranging from 30-to 200-room establishments, are located in France’s biggest conurbations. The company offers their investors the opportunity to participate in the development of these businesses with a liquidity horizon of six to nine years. Whether they take a majority or minority share, Turenne Hôtellerie works with the directors of the hotels and also gets very involved in operational follow up.

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