Posted in Projects on 9 August, 2016

Handcuffed by regulations that restrict building height and insist that nothing disturbs the beautiful landscape of the northeast coast of Mallorca, DSA Architects, G.A Designs and AECOM had to think like the locals when creating Park Hyatt Mallorca. Hamish Kilburn finds out more…

The undisturbed and undiscovered north-east coast of Mallorca proves a fitting location for a modest retreat. In a village overlooking the picturesque Canyamel valley sits the newly opened Park Hyatt Mallorca.

Given the tight building regulations, it may have been one of landscape architects AECOM’s more challenging projects – but I get the feeling it’s up there as one of Principal Director Ashley Scott’s favourites. “When we began work in 2007, we knew it was essential to create an authentic design that blended in with the surrounding villages,” he explains. “Working closely with the architect, we came up with the idea of celebrating the landscape on this side of the island as our starting point.”

As one of the largest projects to come out of its Portuguese office, Mike Scott, Director of DSA Architects, saw an opportunity to steer Park Hyatt away from the sort of predictable, ‘blocky’ hotel structure so often seen in popular tourist destinations. “The whole site is split into small, individual house-sized units. The maximum we have is approximately 20 keys in each block,” he says. “The stringent regulations here – you won’t see a building that’s more than three storeys high – were both a challenge and a blessing as it meant we had to create somewhere that truly worked within its setting.”

Adding to a sense of intimacy on this 61 hectare site, residential villas remain close by, with the Park Hyatt Mallorca sharing their land and even some facilities, yet the hotel has a style that’s wholly its own.

It’s in the public areas that the Park Hyatt Mallorca’s village feel is most evident, with the market square, a meandering stream (based on an original stream on the land) and clock tower at the heart of the action. It’s up to guests to decide which route they take around to reach any of the 142 luxurious guestrooms and 16 suites, which range from 50 to 150 metre squared in size. None are exactly the same, though they share a similar airy, open and warm vibe that’s complemented with dark oak furniture. Expansive balconies offer sea views or uninterrupted vistas of nature – making one grateful for the relatively undisturbed feel of this part of the island.

With guests increasingly demanding facilities of the very highest standards, the hotel offers a well-equipped gym, luscious green surroundings, plus access to the beach of the Cap Vermell Beach Hotel, a ten-bedroom property positioned within earshot of the breaking waves. The resort’s first-class Serenitas Spa, meanwhile, is a place to escape, one of the finest spa offerings on the island, complete with sauna, steam rooms, outdoor plunge pool, and a vitality pool with glorious views over the valley.

“Mallorca is trying to attract a more upmarket clientele,” says Ashley,” And the island is changing in response.” The relaxed atmosphere here at the resort, and on the east side of the island is a far cry from wild, and alcohol-fuelled nightlife of the party capital, Magaluf – indeed, it’s amazing to think of two such different areas inhabiting the same island, albeit at opposite ends.

Says Peter Fulton, Group President for EAME and Southwest Asia, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts: “In developing this hotel in a rather undiscovered area of Mallorca, we are delivering on the Park Hyatt brand promise of helping guests to discover something special that ultimately helps to shape their travel experience.” For discerning travellers seeking both luxury and authenticity, the PHM delivers. Indeed, with its nature-loving vibe and a design that pays homage to traditional architecture – not to mention the fact that some of the island’s most beautiful beaches are slap on its doorstep – the Park Hyatt embodies the very best of what Mallorquin life has to offer.

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