Sofitel Frankfurt Opera Hotel by Studio Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet

Posted in Projects on 10 March, 2017

The Sofitel Frankfurt Opera hotel was designed by Studio MHNA and inspired by the iconic French ‘hotel particulier’ that has proliferated throughout Europe. The spirit of these luxurious residences, as historically having been inhabited by the French nobility, has been passed down from generation to generation; a spirit that mixes tradition and modernity, art de vivre and indelible celebrations, where the passion for art is ubiquitous, selective, humorous and eclectic, and is the hallmark of this luxury hotel.

The hotel’s interior design was inspired by these values and designed as a palace for hedonism in Goethe’s city.

The lobby acts as the main lounge and reception area, whose entrance is distinctly marked by its centrepiece: a double-spiral iron lace staircase. The atmosphere is one of modern classicism, an impeccable balancing act between styles that creates an environment where one immediately feels at home in a private but lively space. Several aspects of the interior help create this intimate and bold atmosphere: the spacious lounges, chimneys, partitions covered by panoramic grisaille decorations from the famous Zuber factory, select artwork, collections of 19th-century Chinese reverse glass paintings, sculptures, natural objets d’art and artwork from the graffiti artist RBLZ.

Lili’s Bar acts as a private lounge where you can find an ambiance similar to that of a cigar lounge, where its warm colours complement the polished onyx and decorative woodwork of the bar. Dedicated to Lili, Goethe’s first love, the lighting in the bar delicately enshrouds the poetry that he wrote for her and by the fireplace, three beautiful artworks by Erwin Olaf evoke this legendary love story.

Upstairs on the second floor, which overlooks the main lounge and is lit by a giant yet refined hanging chandelier, you can find the display case that showcases rare collections, objets d’art and the artwork of Travis Durden, which interprets the artist’s idea of Vanitas in the 21st century.

The conference rooms act as small libraries whose atmosphere is also imbued with the carefree nature of this collection.

Below on the ground floor, by passing through the art gallery, where you’ll find a pottery exhibition by Frédéric de Lucca and a temporary exhibition, is the Schöenemann Restaurant. This restaurant was designed as a casual, cosy lounge comfortably furnished with settees, sofas and bridge tables. The soft colours of the walls, grey wainscoting and crisscross style bronze lamps create the backdrop for a beautiful series of works by André Duval, a loan from the personal collection of Doctor Christian Elleke. The exhibit embodies characters from iconic operas and pays homage to Frankfurt’s Old Opera House (Alte Oper), which can be seen from the hotel’s bay windows.

The spa was designed with a modern spin on private thermal spas and pays homage to the famous and celebrated spa towns of the Outre-Rhin region. Mosaic, wooden and painted frescoes give the feeling of being in a classic Greco-Roman thermal bath but at the same time maintains its 21st-century contemporary touch.

In keeping with the classic “hotel particulier” style, the rooms and suites offer the intimacy of private apartments. The guest rooms are emblematic of a varnished oak alcove with suede upholstery, which are highly-adaptable to fit your needs. The bathroom pairs black marble and white porcelain with chrome accents, creating a style of timeless elegance. The materials and colours used create a warm and calming atmosphere that enhances the cosiness of your private space.

Original and quirky artwork, created specifically for the hotel, can be found in each room, and pays homage to Margarete and Faust, two iconic characters from Goethe’s “Faust.” The guest suites are illustrative of this spirit of classicism.

To design this luxury hotel, the Studio Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet strove to create the hotel’s decor in a spirit of haute couture and create a genuine collection by going to undisclosed locations, art galleries and antique dealers.

This hotel stands out from the others thanks to its charm, timeless qualities and intrepidity.

Photos: Francis Amiand

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