Studio Marco Piva designs the new Chia Laguna Resort for Italian Hospitality Collection

Posted in News, Projects on 21 April, 2022

Studio Marco Piva has recently completed the major redevelopment work for the Chia Laguna Resort, project that included the restyling of its three hotels: the 4-star Hotel Village, the 5-star Baia di Chia Resort and the 5-star luxury Hotel Laguna.

Above: Conrad Chia Laguna, Sardinia. Bollicine bar. Top: Reception and lounge

The refurbishment initiative, started by Italian Hospitality Collection in 2020 through the Star Fund managed by Castello SGR, has raised the overall quality of the Chia Laguna Resort complex from a functional point of view. The project has made it possible to diversify the existing spaces, offering guests renewed, as well as brand new experiences and services, which at the same time add a formal, aesthetic and emotional dimension. The careful selection of furnishings, finishes and materials communicate a clear idea of luxury and well-being closely tied to the timeless Mediterranean style, all in the name of authenticity, tradition and large spaces in direct contact with the island’s wild and pristine nature.

A 5-star luxury hotel now part of the Conrad Hotels & Resorts by Hilton brand

Located in the rocky Chia promontory, one of the most scenic and evocative seaside resorts in southern Sardinia, the new Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia, within the Chia Laguna Resort, occupies a splendid position on the coast. The Hotel is nestled in the Mediterranean scrub, among Sardinia’s beautiful snow-white beaches, rocky dunes covered with vegetation and lagoons coloured by pink flamingos.

Selected by IHC to join the prestigious brand of the Conrad Hotels & Resorts by Hilton chain in 2022, the new Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia is characterised by an immersive design conceived by Studio Marco Piva to welcome and accommodate a demanding and refined clientele.

The general theme of the intervention completed by Studio Marco Piva, which was responsible for the renovation of both the outdoor spaces, as well as the interiors of the guest rooms and of the common areas, is inspired by two key elements: wind and lightness. Elements that go hand in hand with the privileged position enjoyed by the Hotel, exposed to the light sea breeze and immersed in the pristine nature of this territory, offering guests a unique glimpse in which marine, mountainous, green and lagoon landscapes seamlessly coexist. 

An international approach to high-end hospitality strongly rooted in tradition, referencing it and taking it to a whole new level: a touch of Sardinian identity, which from 2022 is further enriched by the qualities and services offered by the high-end Hilton Hotels & Resorts chain.

The intervention completed by Studio Marco Piva has raised the overall quality of the complex from a functional point of view, creating a diversification of the existing spaces, offering guests renewed, as well as brand new experiences and services, which at the same time add a formal, aesthetic and emotional dimension. The careful selection of furnishings, finishes and materials communicate a clear idea of luxury and well-being closely tied to the timeless Mediterranean style, which combines nature, elegance and freshness in a refined and radiant manner.

Among the typical Sardinian materials incorporated into the new design, it is worth noting the extensive use of Biancone di Orosei marble, a limestone rock extracted and processed in Sardinia, distinguished by its characteristic colours caused by the fossils of shells, corals and other organisms integrated into the rock. With its elegant shades that range from white to pink – while also incorporating beige tones – this exceptional marble has been used for various surfaces throughout the Hotel, in different finishes to enhance the quality of the material, while at the same time providing the rooms with that sense of sophistication and refinement that makes them even more comfortable and welcoming. 

The Resort’s landscaping, rich in Mediterranean greenery and offering breath-taking views of the Chia Bay, is the first image that welcomes guests upon their arrival.

The conditions have been carefully created to emphasise the “sense of arrival”, that special reassuring and exciting sensation which guests feel upon entering the Resort.

The entrance has been transformed to be more visible, and therefore even more welcoming.

Major work has been carried out on the signage, terraces have been created using local rocks which, with a natural yet monumental structure, contain the Mediterranean scrub and accompany the guest towards the entrance. 

The new lighting adopts different languages – decorative, technical and carefully integrated into the greenery – to emphasise particular types of plants and herbs, for an atmosphere that guides guests from the gate to the drop-off, without intruding upon the authenticity of the landscape.

The drop-off area provides another opportunity to immediately impress guests: a path offering a perspective effect has been created with partitions in Biancone di Orosei marble in a rough finish and emphasised by the use of light, which directs the eye towards the reception area. A point of attraction that enhances the guest’s initial contact with the Resort, while creating a sense of continuity between inside and outside.

Reception & Lobby-Lounge, Bollicine Bar, La Terrazza Restaurant

These three spaces, all located on the same level on the ground floor, have been connected to each other, creating a fluid and chromatically coherent space. Small separations have been obtained thanks to the use of soft and light curtains, complemented by solid but textured and decorated partitions, which embrace the general concept of wind and lightness, while allowing guests to enjoy more privacy.

The design plays on the contrasts between the existing terracotta floors, with the fresh and pure furnishings characterised by light materials and colours, such as the ample and comfortable seating made with woven fabrics, and the decor consisting of flowers, lanterns, candles and local handicrafts, elements that contribute to the exclusive atmosphere. An outdoors-inspired image that reconnects and permeates with the external spaces, creating a solution of continuity that captures the charm of being outdoors, and brings it indoors.

A refurbished reception and lobby-lounge, with a clear identity, welcomes guests and immediately offers them a glimpse of Hotel Laguna’s new soul.

The lobby offers an enticing and dynamic focus point, capturing the attention of guests and welcoming them at the entrance, assisted by walls enriched with display cases or niches integrated into the masonry and refined with decorative panels in wood or marble, in which local crafts are displayed to promote the territory, its history and activities.

The lounges are organised in such a way that they cover multiple functions, from offering a waiting space, to allowing guests to take part in informal meetings or to enjoy an aperitif.

The check-in area has been redistributed, with the creation of extremely comfortable and almost private and intimate spaces, separated by walls with curtains and soft seating, stressing the idea of privacy and exclusivity reserved for the Resort’s guests.

Hotel reception

The new Bollicine Bar, located between the reception and the La Terrazza restaurant, has been extended and transformed into a genuine social space, a lounge-bar that guests can experience in three different flavours: the first indoors, the second on the covered terrace and the third outdoors, all overlooking the spectacular sea views.

The route that leads from the reception to the restaurant has been given a permeable dimension with perforated walls that recall the typical textures of Sardinian fabrics and decorations, creating a division, while at the same time allowing light and air to filter in.

The counter, a window framed in Orosei marble, overlooks both the interior and the exterior, integrating with the existing materials, such as the terracotta floors or the natural stones on the façade, for a harmonious environment: a fluid space that can also be closed if needed, creating temperature conditions that meet different needs.

The lounge area is organised into small lounges and more intimate corners, thanks to the use of curtains characterised by a light and soft texture.

On the outside, special details have been added such as the ropes that decorate the backs of the sofas, a direct reference to the nautical world and a great tradition of the Sardinian people.

A game of details, textures and materials that started by analysing the profile of future guests of the Resort, to understand their needs and habits and, in turn, to envelop them in a sensory experience of complete relaxation. 

La Terrazza restaurant is the flagship of the Resort: a location that enjoys a privileged and unique position to offer guests truly unforgettable experiences.

Inspired by the textures and patterns of typical Sardinian fabrics, Studio Marco Piva has enriched the room with different details. One of the highlights is the show cooking space, a spectacular transparent glass box covered with a material finish that enhances its shape and volume, an element of attraction that helps create a direct interaction between the kitchen and the restaurant’s guests: a focal point that enriches the internal dining room, offering a moment of sharing.

La Terrazza Restaurant

The space has been carefully designed to accommodate different social situations – intimate or convivial, family or business – with comfortable armchairs or benches featuring decorated backs or dividers and different configurations of tables.

Original decor elements hang from the ceiling, recalling soft and organic shapes such as algae and seashells: an unconventional yet captivating upside-down seabed. 

In the Temple of Wellness, Chia Laguna’s Natural SPA is a space dedicated to well-being that enriches the offer of services available to the Resort’s guests.

The Gym offering panoramic views is characterised by fresh and natural tones, with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as spaces for meditation.

The rooftop solarium, with infinity swimming pools overlooking the garden and offering a breath-taking view over the entire Resort, has been rendered even more exclusive, with private and intimate lounges created using decorative tree and plants, outdoor furnishings, cabanas and tents. 

The rooms and suites of the new Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia, designed by Studio Marco Piva, reflect the high-end international standards of the brand and the typically Italian philosophy of warm and welcoming hospitality. 

The concept was inspired by the choice of furnishings, colours and finishes that offer a direct reference to the authenticity of the territory, with comfortable, high-end Italian furnishings, as well as utmost attention to detail and to the services offered: all this translates into an elegant and fresh atmosphere, typical of the Mediterranean, carefully studied to envelop and astonish guests.

The rooms – 107 in all – are divided into two areas: those directly attached to the Hotel’s services, equipped with exclusive panoramic terraces, and those that were previously part of the “Spazio Oasi”, which is now an exclusive family area that extends towards the upper part of the Resort, with a dedicated swimming pool, private gardens and green paths.

The rooms connected directly to the Resort’s services – 73 in all – range in type: immersive spaces characterised by dark wood essences, contrasting marble, textured fabrics, natural stone and artefacts made by local artisans such as knotted carpets featuring typical Sardinian textures.

The 34 family rooms, on the other hand, are organised as suites, consisting of a living area, or a second bedroom (all sofas can be transformed into roomy beds), a sleeping area, a spacious bathroom and a dressing room.

The design reflects the theme of relaxation, enhancing it with furnishings exclusively selected to ensure family comfort, with a Mediterranean-style “domestic touch” that meets the needs of an international target. The colour palette is warm and welcoming, characterised by light and natural wood essences, marbles with pink and grey shades and traditional Sardinian textures and fabrics.

The swimming pool – for exclusive use – offers families a dedicated relaxation experience, isolated from the rest of the Resort, allowing even younger guests the freedom to have fun in total security and privacy.

The organic shape of the pool follows the natural landscape, surrounded by a garden of Mediterranean greenery and sunbathing areas by the pool and with a sea view.

For both solutions – one more closely oriented towards an exclusive and unique experience in total privacy, while the other is focused on comfort and relaxation with the family – the rooms have been designed to accommodate a high-end clientele: an international target oriented towards exclusivity, yet closely bound to the local context, taken to a whole new level.

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