The new Radisson Collection – Hotel Palazzo Touring Club Milan, Italy

Posted in Projects on 24 October, 2021

The redevelopment and restoration project of Palazzo Bertarelli has been completed, one of the most beautiful expressions of late Art Nouveau in Milan and the historic headquarters of the Italian Touring Club, today the new Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Touring Club Milan by Studio Marco Piva.

Hotel Palazzo Touring Club Milan, Italy. Presidential Suite

The recovery of the authentic history that permeates the halls of the building is the result of a massive and important operation of great cultural interest: in order to preserve and give new lustre to the historical and cultural heritage of the Touring Club Italiano (TCI), the architectural and interior design intervention completed by Studio Marco Piva fittingly found inspiration in the travel concept. The selected materials, the finishes, the furnishing elements, every detail recalls those which, in the common imagination, are elements tied to travel and consequently to the founding history of the Touring Club.

The project conceived by Studio Marco Piva aimed to restore the imposing building dating back to 1915 to its original refinement and glory: indeed, the 5-star hotel wants to become a reference point for a high-end tourism in constant dialogue with the city of Milan, being at the service of guests of the hotel, as well as of residents, affirming and helping to disseminate the culture of travel in Italy and around the world. In this historic setting, the guest and the citizen thus find themselves immersed in a unique experience: a cultural journey between past, present and future.

The concept underlying the project was divided into three main areas of intervention, linked to the monumental recovery of the original façade, to the necessity to respond to new needs resulting from the change of intended use and to the restoration of the spaces to a useable condition – while at the same time maintaining close ties with the pre-existing functions – and, finally, to a design with great attention to detail that combines historical and modern values, for the most part custom designed by Studio Marco Piva. 

“With my Studio, I have a forward-looking goal: living the present, while preserving the past and planning the future. This is the perspective that has guided the restoration of Palazzo Bertarelli, taking advantage of every aspect of the original building, allowing its elegant and sophisticated soul to travel into the 21st century.” MARCO PIVA – Founder of Studio Marco Piva

“The transformation of the historic Touring building fits within the context of the regeneration of the Association, safeguarding both its social function and the testimony of its values. The style and direction with which Radisson and Studio Marco Piva have carried out the project, decidedly innovative when it comes to the world of hotels, fits perfectly with everything that represents the Touring world. In this original undertaking, the Italian Touring Club regenerates its memory in what it hopes will become the new Home of travellers, attributing it the maximum amount of value and consolidating tradition, heritage and generation of resources.” FRANCO ISEPPI – President of the Italian Touring Club

 “We are very happy to have opened our Italian flagship hotel in this historic building in Milan, which with its interior design by Studio Marco Piva is set to become an iconic hotel in the city. The Studio has done a great job in preserving the history and the charm of the Palazzo and beautifully reimagined its spaces to fit the needs of “premium lifestyle” hotel, to the joy of travelers and the Milanese alike.” LAURENT HERAS GUERQUIN – General Manager of Radisson Hotels

Studio Marco Piva


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