Trakt Forest Hotel, Sällehägnad, Sweden

Posted in Projects on 21 October, 2022

Trakt Forest Hotel is about being a part of nature, not being a guest in it. Five forest suites, designed by Gert Wingårdh, are located in the deep forests of Sweden, offering a peaceful and aesthetic environment.

The vision is to create a unique experience, enjoying nature, the food from local produce, and the quietness. From the elevated forest suites, guests might see animals roaming and hear sounds of nature, close to the seasons and elements.

Trakt Forest Hotel is founded by Mattias and Sandra Sälleteg, and the forest suites are built on the family estate Sällehägnad. Mattias is 5th generation Sälleteg, and generations before him have farmed the land, worked in the forest, and built houses on the property. The family wants to live from, and work with, the land. Trakt Forest Hotel is a natural progression of this.

An important part of the Trakt Forest Hotel project is also to be a part of developing the area, to be able to create a vital countryside.

The word “trakt” is Swedish, meaning “area”, and is an expression used in forestry, tract.

Trakt Forest Hotel is designed by Gert Wingårdh, of Wingårdhs. Inspiration comes from the surrounding forest, the trees, the shifting colors of nature, and hunting towers. The five forest suites are built out of wood, the outside covered by unedged panels from the forest of the surrounding forests. All construction materials have been carried to the building site, to minimize the environmental impact.

Number of forest suites: 5, 31 square metres each
Founders: Mattias and Sandra Sälleteg
Location: Sällehägnad, Sweden
Architect: Gert Wingård

Built: 2020-2022
Opened: 1 July 2022

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