Accor introduces Handwritten Collection

Posted in Business, News on 19 January, 2023

Accor have created Handwritten Collection to bring together hotels with a unique personality, intimately reflecting the character and warmth of the people who love and look after them.

Believing hotels are where genuine connections are made and authentic travel experiences are enriched, the hoteliers of Handwritten Collection invite travellers to experience a twist on traditional hospitality without turning it on its head.

Whether they’ve arrived from a thousand miles away or for their staycation, guests are offered a balance between quirk and charm, giving each the so-good satisfaction of having found a gem.

Like a handwritten note, hosts’ singular touches are subtly felt at select moments throughout. From a welcome that cascades into conversation, to freshly baked treats that have guests sneaking seconds into their pockets. No two hotels or stays are the same, and that’s how they like it.

A host with a passion
Handwritten Collection offers a variety of curated hotels that are so distinct, it’s as if each local hotelier were inviting guests into their charming and stylish homes.

The guest experience at Handwritten Collection brings to life the spirit of the host; their tastes, their passions and the little quirks of their personality. Hosts are a charming presence that weave their character and personality into the fabric of each hotel. An authentic source of entertainment and conversation, bringing a unique energy to the property and travel experience.

Host’s touchpoints are carefully considered and bring to life different personal passions in Handwritten Collection hotels. Whether in a social setting or in the privacy of guests’ rooms, there will be moments of storytelling and engagement that create a connection.

This genuine connection between host and guest offers a more authentic and memorable stay.

Notable hotels
Handwritten Collection boasts several properties with a charming and one-of-a-kind concept. In addition, its locations offer guests the opportunity to experience the hospitable acts of kindness and care that enrich a traveler’s journey with genuine human connection.

About Accor
Accor is a world leading hospitality group consisting of more than 5,300 properties and 10,000 food and beverage venues throughout 110 countries. The group has one of the industry’s most diverse and fully integrated hospitality ecosystems, encompassing more than 40 luxury, premium, midscale and economy hotel brands, entertainment and nightlife venues, restaurants and bars, branded private residences, shared accommodation properties, concierge services, co-working spaces and more.

For over 50 years, Accor has been acting for positive impact both locally and globally. The group is convinced that hospitality should benefit not only a few, but whole communities around the world. Weaving sustainability into the core of its organisation is an opportunity to future-proof its business.

Accor aspires to pave the way for a new vision of travel and hospitality, infusing a sense of purpose and building meaningful experiences. Together with all its stakeholders – owners, partners, Heartists, guests – thousands of change-makers are working towards its sustainability vision:

Accor hotels are leading the way, innovating in carbon reduction, green design, waste management, food sourcing, circular economy and water-consumption efficiency.

The food offered throughout the Group’s hotels promote responsible habits. With restaurants around the globe, Accor designs new menus with exciting low-carbon alternatives that are local, organic and plant-based.

Traveling the world responsibly can connect people. Accor are transforming the experience into a collective journey, supporting local communities, protecting biodiversity, as well as sharing and engaging in more sustainable habits.

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